Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"No Problem"

Last night after dinner my roommates McKenna and Kate and I went on a little adventure to an Italian movie theater.  We have decided that we need to take full advantage of everything in Cortona, so the movie theater was a place on our list of things to do before we leave.  So we walk into the place, which is not only a movie theater, but an actual theater, the same theater where the piano concert we attended was held.  In the “concession” area, there is a bar with alcohol and coffee, as well as candy and popcorn to purchase.  We haven’t had any popcorn since we’ve been here, so it was something we looked forward to getting and eating while watching the movie.  So we say we want a popcorn and she hands us two bags of microwavable popcorn which has not yet been popped.  She points to our left and shows us the microwave in a yellow and white arcade game (the best way I can describe it) display.  On the outside it said some stuff in Italian and had a cowboy on it, saying that it was America’s best.  Here the cowboy on a horse represents America.  So we went over to the overly gaudy microwave and put our popcorn in.  It wasn’t exactly what we were expecting, but it was good to eat popcorn when we haven’t had anything like it in a while. 

So we sit down in the theater and the movie begins.  It was called “No Problem”.  The entire thing was in Italian, but we could kind of get the gist of what was going on throughout the movie.  They had an intermission half way through, and Kate, McKenna and I shared what we each thought was going on in the movie. We all had our own interpretations, but we think that we got it once we put our stories together.  In the end, the movie was pretty lame, especially because we couldn’t understand a word, but we had some laughs and we were able to experience more of Italian culture!  And now we know that movie theaters in Italy have their own microwaves for your popcorn!  Overall, it was a fun time.

The movie didn’t end till about 11:45ish.  As we walked back home, we talked a bit more about our interpretations of the movie, and decided on what we thought the ending was.  As we were heading up our hill, we stopped about half way up, sat down along the wall, looked out upon the beautiful view and just talked.  One of my favorite things to do here in Cortona is sit along the wall, look out upon the night lights of Tuscany and have a good conversation.  I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the night. 



julie pickett said...

oh! that sounds like so much fun! Thank you for sharing that story. So, I wonder why there were no subtitles in English..hmmmmm

what was the movie about anyway?

Marybeth Christman said...

What a fun experience. Gotta love those American cowboys......kind weird you had to pop the popcorn yourself. I hope it was cheap!

joy said...

so sorry about the plague. love that you are experiencing italian culture and the rest of your travels sound amazing!