Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Open Road

I thoroughly enjoy a long road trip with my ipod, a thermos full of coffee, the road in front of me, and the red, yellow and orange trees of fall passing outside the window.  Its a great time to think deeply, sing freely, and embrace the outside world I live in.  
The leaves, the deep fall shadows, and the crisp blue sky were so beautiful, I had to take some cell pics.  It probably wasn't the best idea to take these while driving with my cell phone "65" mphish... but the scenery was so beautiful I just couldn't resist!

If you are able to find a minute, an hour, or possibly a day- just to reflect on life and the simple miracles of the everyday, I would definitely take the opportunity.  When you take the time to look differently at the world around you, you'd be surprised how many wonders there are to see and experience.  As difficult as this life can be at times- it truly is a miracle.

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