Saturday, May 31, 2008

The days go by so fast

These past couple days have been so random, I just love it!
Heres the most random story from yesterday/today:
Yesterday I get a call from a friend at Biola saying that he is in Pismo Beach and him and his friends are stranded cause all of the camp sites around here are full.  They asked me if I knew of any other camp sites they hadn't tried so they might be able to get a spot somewhere.  (in Pismo, on a Friday after Memorial day weekend, things fill up really fast around here).  SO I called a family friend who knows some good camping places and he said that everything would be booked without a reservation.  So they ended up coming over, we had a bonfire in my backyard, played some guitar and jimbay (I don't know how to spell that) and told some pretty outrageous stories.  One of my best friends Erin came down from Biola and stayed the night too!  It was so much fun.  This morning my brother made us breakfast burritos and we drank coffee.  Good stuff.  
I love having a house where people are welcome to come and go on their travels.  I love serving and allowing our house to belong to the Lord, not us.  Mi casa es su casa.  For real.  
Yesterday my family found out that they got the house they wanted in Corona!  This house has a jacuzzi and a pool, so when I come back from Italy, everyone is welcome to come to our new house.  There definitely will be some gatherings there in the Spring.  
I figured something out about myself. I love grocery stores. Especially Trader Joes.
AAND the .69cent sodas are back at McDonalds for the summer! My brother and I are pretty 
stoked. Too bad I'm only here for a few more days to enjoy it.
I'm still trying to figure out this blog thing, and for some reason its only letting me upload one picture. But here
is the bonfire we've been spending a lot of time at in our backyard. More pics to come later!

Have a Blessed day!! Remember to live it out to the fullest! We don't know how long this life is gonna last!!

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