Tuesday, September 23, 2008

carazay cats

Cats in Italy are crazy and probably mentally insane.  
I was interrupted in painting today by the cat screams (yes the kinds you hear in the movies) of two cats who appeared to be in a terrible disagreement.  They were the classic cat screams that you hear all the times in the movies and cartoons when the cats are being attacked by the dogs.  It was loud enough that we stopped painting and opened the doors to see what was going on.  They eventually chased each other down the hill and their terrifying screams faded away in the distance.  
Oh, but that is not all.  The other day we were walking down the hill to go to dinner and we see these two cats starring at each other, but this cannot be described as a minor stare, it was more like they were burning holes into each others eyes.  They were making the most horrible noises, noises I never knew a cat could ever make.  Nothing could interrupt them or even make them flinch.  We were making barking noises and they didn't even move.  They were literally there for about 7 minutes before we got tired of being freaked out by them and left for dinner.  Yeah.  Cats in Italy are freaky.  Like, really weird.


julie pickett said...

jo..that is the funniest, scariest, freakiest picture of a cat that I have ever seen! i laughed so hard, not expecting it! where on earth was that cat when you took the picture? l love it! keep the stories coming, even if they are short. they are so much fun!

stay away from that cat!

joy said...

okay, that is a freaky cat picture. are they wild cats, is that why they are so scary? or maybe it's just because they are italian. you know how italians are supposedly so passionate--maybe the cats are the same way. keep blogging--it's wonderful to hear how you're doing and what wondrous things you are experiencing.

Marybeth Christman said...

Oh my gosh!!! That cat looks just like Reggie when company comes over! I enjoy your stories! This one was the best! Maybe those cats need a glass a wine to loosen up.
Auntie Beth

Anonymous said...

freaky cattttt