Monday, September 22, 2008

Piano, pesto and jump suits.

Yesterday was a great day.  It was Sunday, our only day completely off. (Saturdays are for day trips)  I woke up, hopped in the shower, got some coffee in our kitchen, went to church, (some of us have started our own little home church on Sundays and we are also doing smaller Bible studies throughout the week.  God is really doing a lot through it and has definitely blessed our group) then I went for a walk. This walk was so great.  I decided to explore up the hill a little bit.  So I bundled up in my heavy coat, scarf and uggs, grabbed my Bible, journal and a book I'm reading and headed out.  I walked along the city wall passing grape and fig trees, and I found this nice little place to sit and read under a fig tree overlooking the valley.  It was a little bit chilly and the clouds in the sky threatened rain, but never went through with it.  I sat there for about 2-3 hours just praying, reading and resting in the presence of Jesus.  It was so refreshing to get that time alone with God.  I came away from that time feeling relaxed, at ease and in love with my heavenly Father.  After walking away from my sitting place, I walked around a little bit more, just enjoying listening to the voices of the Italian people talking, the wind blowing through the trees and feeling the cold air rush against my face.  
When I got back I worked on a painting for a little bit.  Later that day, Dusty, Kiersten, Marissa and I all dressed up and went to this free piano concert down at the local theater.  It was amazing.  We had our own little box seat with a great view of the pianist.  After the concert, we stopped by the local thrift store because I needed some painting clothes.  I got these awesome sweat pants that look like they were taken out of an episode of Saved by the Bell, and this sweat pants/overall jump suit which I must say I am gonna look pretty snazzy painting in.  After the thrift store we went to dinner where we saw the pianist and the host of the piano concert!  We were excited because we knew that if they were there, we picked a good restaurant.  I was so hungry just walking into the place and smelling the aroma of pesto and tomato sauce on the stove made my stomach growl.  I ordered gnocchi with pesto.  It was so delicious and the pesto couldn't have been any more fresh.  
After filling ourselves up, we walked back up the humungous hill home.  I hung out for a bit, did my Italian homework and went to bed. 
And there you have a day in the life of an Italian art student.


Kielly Jo said...

Oh man Jo. I can't wait to talk to you again and hear about everything. This is truly awesome.

julie pickett said...

i am so glad you are taking advantage of the "arts" in cortona, like going to see that piano concert..that was very cool that you guys did that....i'm impressed!