Monday, September 22, 2008

So, at the request of my mother, I have posted some pics of me and friends in Italy.  The people here are great and I'm already starting to get close to some of the people here.  There are about 44 students here, 10 guys and the rest girls.  I already was good friends with three people in the program before we came, because we all go to Biola.  There is a group from Westmont College in Santa Barbara who I've really gotten to know.  There are people from Georgia, South Carolina, Washington DC and many other states across the US.  Its so fun to get to know new people. I've even found myself wanting to say ya'll because I'm surrounded by people whose regular vocabulary consists of using that word all the time!  
These are some pictures from our recent trip to Assisi and Perguia. 

These are my friends (from left to right) Dusty (who I was friends with before from Biola) Kiersten and Marissa, who are both from Westmont.  The four of us have been hanging out a lot.  They are such a fun group of people with the same sense of humor as me.  As you may be able to tell from some of these pics.

We got some AMAZING nutella crepes with hazlenut and syrup.  They were made right in front of us.  They were fresh and warm and tasted so good on a cold, windy day in Perguia.

Me eating lavender and cinnamon gelato at a local gelateria in Cortona.  The man who owns this shop is so nice to us, and sometimes gives us free things when we come in as a large group.  He makes all of the gelato himself and comes up with the most amazing flavors!   

This is a picture from our first week in Rome.  From left to right, Dana, Nicole, McKenna (my roomate) Chrissy, Kate (also my roomate and friend from Biola) and me!  Most of these girls go to Westmont.

Dana, Nicole, Chrissy me and Marissa in Assisi.
This is the wine cellar at Tonnio's Restaurant where we eat dinner during the week.  Pretty sweet huh!

Kiersten, me and Marissa at that cafe drinking the hot chocolate I blogged about last time!

The crew once again in Assisi.  

So there are a few scattered pics of me with new friends.  Hope you were able to get a little bit more of the taste of my life in Italia!  That was for you mom!

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julie pickett said...

yay! thank you..i enjoy so much looking at all the pics and reading about your adventures...thanks for posting them! i'll be looking forward to the next