Monday, January 5, 2009

Back and moving forward

I am back, Christmas and New Years are over.  
So my life is taking on a different track than I ever imagined it would.
I am going to be attending Cal Baptist this coming semester, as a graphic design and digital media major.  Sooo sudden, but this is what God has put in front of me, and I am responding to what I believe He wants me to do, and how I can best glorify Him.  A year ago, I never would have guessed this.
I am living at home this semester, in Corona "crown-town" California.  Quite a change from the beautiful Central Coast, but its not too bad.
I am currently looking for a job, anyone hiring??
I'm working on getting my photos from Italy edited, so hopefully you will be seeing some of those up here in the next few posts.  
Things are changing, life is moving forward, and I am constantly being chased by the ticking crocodile.  (I just watched Finding Neverland last night)
I love how life is an adventure full of mountains and valleys, green grass and barbed wire.  It is difficult while you are climbing that mountain, it is puzzling to figure out how to get around that barbed wire.  But what we do not see is the wonderful landscape these barbed wire fences, these mountains and green grass create.  We focus on what is in front of us, when HE sees the entire landscape.  I'm sure it is a beautiful view from where He sits.  Sometimes I wish I could see things as He does, if I could just see the world from His point of view, but for now I will just have to trust that His view is as beautiful as I imagine it to be, and I see it as pretty wonderful.


Tamara said...

Amen, sister! :) I am so excited for you and the changes that are happening in your life right now (not just because we will finally be at the same school hehe). It's awesome to see where God is taking you and that you are following him whole heartedly. I pray that you will continue in his path and enjoy all the experiences he is offering you. I love you girl :)

Anonymous said...

JOANNANOEL! I LOVE YOU! i miss you. i'm probably gonna be down in fullerton sometime next week and maybe i should totally visit you toooo~ i just love ya. God is so amazing. ahhhh.