Sunday, September 13, 2009

Broadcast Hope

Jedidiah Clothing Company has recently partnered with LightGivesHeat and created THE BROADCAST,  "A day fusing fashion with hope."  Jedidiah has designed a t-shirt for Light Gives Heat and is currently selling it on their website.  For $25 you get the t-shirt and a Subbi necklace made by African women living in Uganda.  They are asking all who purchase the package to be apart of The Broadcast by wearing the shirt and necklace together on September 15th.
This is a great way to support the cause, spread the word about this organization, and help out the people of Uganda.  The shirt and necklace are super cute too!
You can find out more about Light Gives Heat and what they are about by clicking here .

Its pretty amazing to me how many people today are using their unique talents and skills to serve and benefit people living in other countries.  Uganda specifically is a place where a lot of attention has been placed, and its really exciting to see how God is working there.  So go support!  Do something outside of yourself- and if you can't afford to be apart of the Broadcast (or even if you can!) do something sacrificial for someone you care about today.  Change starts with you.  If we can't love the people around us how can we truly love people far from us?

"Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves." -Leo Tolstoy

Have an awesome Sunday!!


karina said...

so true about people/organizations helping other countries, particularly africa... i love it all.

have you heard of krochet kids?

my good friend's boyfriend helped start it.

joannanoel said...

checked out krochet kids, and it looks like an awesome organization! Thanks girlee!