Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grace is here!

This week has been so much fun because my home church is here at camp this week!  Its been so much fun hanging out with my brother and sister and their friends.  I've been able to experience more of the actual camp this week because I've been going to Rec, chapels and meals with my church.  Its so much fun, also a little weird cause I'm again seeing the camp through a different point of view.  Every night I've been going up to my sisters cabin and hanging out with the girls there.  Erin has come with me a few times.  
I'm especially tired this week physically, because I have been staying up really late with the girls and waking up really early to meet them for breakfast.  But mentally and emotionally I'm more awake than ever.  Going to chapels has really been awesome because I've been able to hear some great worship and some really good speakers.  Every week a different speaker comes to talk to the campers, so I want to take advantage of hearing all of the amazing people who are here every week this summer.  In a few weeks my favorite speaker Francis Chan comes!  I'm so excited for him to be here.  I will definitely be sitting in on chapels when he comes.
The Lord is doing a lot here.  His nature is still so beautiful and He is continually reminding me about who He is and who He wants me to be.  Its amazing how quickly we forget all that He has done for us.  
Well I have a little bit of time before I go to lunch, so I'm gonna take a quick nap, meet my sister for lunch and then head to work!  Pray for the campers here, last night was decision night and they will have another decision night tomorrow.  There are many high schoolers here who who don't know about God and his love, and they are being fed the gospel.  Pray that God will reveal Himself to them and work in the lives of the broken (which is all of us!)
Have a great day everyone! Make it count!

Ps, listen to Sigur Ros cause they're awesome.


joy said...

hi, joanna! i totally forgot you had a blog--i'm adding you to my blog roll. glad you had a great week with grace campers. take care, joy

shine bright said...

sigur ros nights in smu<3