Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sometimes I really hesitate to write a blog cause I really don't know what to write, welll...let me tell you what I've been up to lately.
Grace left on Saturday and it was my day off.  Me and some friends took a hike to the Boole tree, which is the fourth largest tree in the world!  And the largest in the US National Parks.  It was a moderately difficult hike, but it was a good work out and we had fun.  When we got back we went to the weekly staff bar-b-q on the deck, and then I just had some down time by myself by the lake.  Later that night me and a few girls took a laptop to the end of the dock on the lake and watched a movie under the stars.  It was really fun.  But a really lame movie.  If you ever get the chance to see "Because I said so"  I would say don't watch it, I kinda wanted to punch the mom in the face the entire time.  Anyways!  
Church was on Sunday, and then it was back to work.  
Yesterday and today I don't work till 1:30 so its nice to sleep a little bit.  Oh yesterday it was so cool, I was riding my bike around the lake looking for a place to stop and read and I found this tree stump about 10 feet off shore in the lake.  There was a duck sitting there, and I saw it and said, I could totally afford to get my feet wet, walk out in the water and sit on that stump to read!  So I did!  I was surrounded by water just me, my book Bible and journal, and Gods wonderful nature.  It was so peaceful and I was so glad that I got my feet wet in order to get out to the stump.  I memorized where it was so I can return to my new fav reading spot.  
So thats what I've been up to these past few days.  
I'm going home this weekend to be there for my family's last Sunday at Grace.  I wasn't planning on going home really at all this summer, but my boss said I could get work off, and my dad really wants me to be there for this.  So I'm excited to get home and see people.

Well, I am gonna grab some lunch, maybe get some reading in or a bike ride around the lake?  Maybe I will visit my stump.  We will see what happens!  


joy said...

okay, that tree stump sound awesome. you need a photo of it on your blog. maybe we'll see you this weekend!

Tamara said...

Hey beautiful! I was just sitting at my computer thinking, I miss Joanna a lot at this very second, so I looked up your blog link and read that you'll be home this weekend?!! Do you have time for a quick coffee or something on Saturday? Or I'm having a bonfire Fri night that you should come to! Call me when you get into town or when you figure out your plans because I would love to see you... I'm leaving for LAX right after church on Sunday, so let me know :) xoxo

shine bright said...

Glad you get to go home for the weekend! :) He keeps throwing surprises at you girl. It's awesome. And yeah...the movie is freakin BAD. I got really irritated. REALLY IRRITATED. haha okay well anyway..I love you Jo Noel. A lot. I think of you a lot and hope you're having a blast. He's so goooood. freakkkkk.