Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Under Way

Well life here is underway.  The campers arrived on Sunday and the camp is full of energy and much more crowded than it has been.  Its so fun to watch the campers because it reminds me of when I was one.  So many good memories.  Its great to see the camp through a different perspective, through a worker.  
Work at the Fro-So is so much fun.  I work with 6 girls who have become my friends here.  They are all so great to work with.  For those of you who have never been to Hume, the Fro So is short for the Frozen Sombrero.  We serve amazing burritos, quesadillas, milkshakes, malts and ice cream!  We are located in the center of Ponderosa (the high school camp) on the deck where people hang out, so we have a great view of everything going on.  We can see the lake, and everything worth seeing from our windows.  Yesterday we watched the campers do Recreation (a Hume tradition of crazy competitive spirit and games that was one of my fav parts of Hume as a camper) We are pretty much awesome.  So me and my Fro So girls decided to create shakes of the day, where we put a sign out telling about our creation.  Yesterday was Kim's Birthday Shake (cause it was her birthday!) It consisted of half strawberry, half vanilla with a banana, whip cream, nuts, and a cherry to top it off.  Every time someone ordered one we do this cool cheer thing where we stomp and say "SHake of the Day!  FRO SO YOU KNOW!"  Its so much fun.  I love working with the girls and being able to talk to the campers and spread some of the joy of Christ.  They really emphasis here how every person working this camp is helping with the ministry here.  I have been able to talk to campers, get to know their names (some of them have ordered three shakes in one day!)  Its a cool place to be.  Well I have to go, I'm starting to go to a Bible study on Tuesday mornings and today is the first one.  I have work at 1:30 today and will have the morning to relax and spend some time with my love named Jesus.  Ok Peace out for now!!


shine bright said...

oh i love thee.

Margaret said...

I'm glad that you're having so much fun Jo=)